"nike-laos" is the greek spelling of my name which means "people of victory"

See this place as a way of escaping your everyday life
escaping out of the world you're in, into the world of my thoughts and mind.
instagram / snapchat / twitter: @nikllaas
Q: In welchem Stadtteil wohnst du in Berlin? :)

In Schöneberg noch, werde denk bald umziehen :)

asked by Anonymous
Q: so you speak German too?

Of course, it’s my birth language haha

asked by Anonymous
Q: you watched queer as folk?? or nah? (Seriously good though) if so, could you recommend me shows like this too? thanksss :*

No a friend tried to make me watch it once but idk didn’t really want to. Only ‘gay’ series i know is Looking & that’s actually quite good

asked by Anonymous
Q: how old are you?

20  (nike-laos.tumblr.com/faq)

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