"nike-laos" is the greek spelling of my name which means "people of victory"

See this place as a way of escaping your everyday life
escaping out of the world you're in, into the world of my thoughts and mind.
click the 'read my mind' page and dive into the ocean that is my mind.. take your time

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Q: That wasn't from your mind please don't steal things from other people. I've seen a quote that says "it's the kind of tired that sleep can't fix" all over tumblr, and changing a couple words doesn't make it not plagiarized. I'm not sure exactly who said it first but I'm sure it wasn't you, sorry, please take it down before someone truly gets mad at you for plagiarizing. Thanks! Have a nice day/night!

tbh I’m not claiming it is my quote, where it says source i typed down the time not my name, because i simply don’t know who came up with it. But I did tag ‘my mind’ because it was in my mind that time, still not saying that I came up with it. just calm down

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